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Action Research 

What is Action Research?

Action research involves learning through action. It is collaborative, context based and needs driven. In identifying aspects of daily practice that can be improved, teachers undergo a process of professional enquiry that results in the generation of new knowledge and therefore a better understanding of 'what works' and why. The process of continuous reflection and refinement results in professional development in that it enhances classroom practice. Professional dialogue and sharing the outcomes of action research supports colleagues in enhancing understanding of their own practice, as general principles emerging from the research can be applied and modified to suit other contexts.  Action Research seeks to build on the success of deliberate practice last year, by formalising and capturing the process of improvement and the new and enhanced understanding gained.

We have identified areas for Action Research and have generated research questions rooted in 6 main areas of teaching and learning. These are: ‘Marking and Assessment’, ‘Technology in learning’, ‘Intervention and student attainment’, ‘Differentiation and Questioning’, ‘Student engagement in learning’ and ‘Student Led-Learning’.  Action research projects are all underway and teachers are able to access information and existing research through links provided on our Teaching and Learning blog site.

The results of the research will be announced through our annual Teaching and Learning Conference and the teaching school website.