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May 2017

  • 3 Steps to Effective CPD

    Published 23/05/17, by Admin

    Cost-effective and impactful CPD has never been more important as schools face ever tighter budgets in the face of a changing education landscape.  School leaders are having to make tough decisions, balancing the needs of their staff and students with depleting budgets.  Our 3 step approach to CPD planning will help you focus your thinking on how to get the best from your professional development provision.

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  • Case Study - How we implemented a coaching culture in our school 

    Published 16/05/17, by Admin

    How can you implement a culture of coaching in schools?  And what different does it make really?   Deputy Headteacher at The Chantry School, Nicola Clear tells us more.

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  • Coaching Vs Mentoring - what's the difference?

    Published 11/05/17, by Admin

    Coaching is a buzzword that has been used in business leadership for many years but has taken some time to become part of education culture for many schools and teachers. Most teachers will have been ‘mentored’ at some point in their career and recognise how it has supported them in their teaching practice, but very few will have been ‘coached’.  So what is the difference between mentoring and coaching?    

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  • What's it like to have a Pupil Premium review?

    Published 10/05/17, by Admin

    What’s it like to have a Pupil Premium review from an external expert and is it worthwhile?  Head of School at South Bromsgrove High, Chris Smith, tells us more. 

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  • What makes a great NQT Mentor?

    Published 03/05/17, by Admin

    Being an NQT mentor is a hugely responsible but also rewarding experience for a teacher.  The role requires mentors to perform many different roles; to be approachable and supportive, knowledgeable and fair, whilst having the confidence to tackle issues and have ‘difficult conversations’ if needed.  But what distinguishes a ‘good’ mentor from a ‘great’ one?  

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